Striking up ones mood with a simple kid’s meal. Buckwheat with fishfingers and some sour cream on one and sweet and sour souce on other side. Simply jummy!

I know I know, should’ve had pea soup and buns instead cuz it is Shrove Tuesday. In all fearness my sister did tell me to eat as much food from the fridge as possible cuz we gonna melt it later on and sadly we didn’t have any pea soup over there, so that’s that. But I did have a Shrove Tuesday bun at a cafe today and I even have proof.


According to traditions I should also go out sleighing, but I have no sleigh or friends with sleighs to copete for the longest slide but what I do have is a really messy room so if I don’t get down to cleaning I might slip on a banana or something and slide all the way across the room.

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Well I on the other hand think that...

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