Rusty Rangers

I picked black jeans for this project, thinking I will come out from it with cool gray ones, what happened instead was a rusty, orange boyfriend shocking bliss. I think I love them even more.

I don’t have a before picture, but imagine a simple pair of black straight cut jeans.

First I tied my jeans together wit a string like this:


Then I put a little bit water in the bucket and all the bleach I had. Wearing rubber cloves I placed the jeans into the bucket. All this happened on my balcony where there is enough air to keep yourself from getting high on the terribly dangerous fumes. And then it just hung there, I don’t exactly now for how long. I went to check on it every now and then. I also flipped it around to make sure the bleach will reach all areas.

When finally jeans looked as light as I liked them (actually I’m not sure if it was the case, I was shocked the whole time that it turned out to be a different colour) , I removed the strings and rinsed carefully, still wearing cloves, the bleach off. I let it try and here’s what I have now:






I’m hoping that it will stop raining soon, so I could go and get some more bleach cuz I have at least two more projects in mind.

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