Paper lampshade makeover


This project has been sitting in the drawer for too long, so I finally got around and made it happen today.
I had alot of cupcake liners prepared, 400 to be exact, but I needed less than half of them.



I’m still little bit worried about the craft glue, not sure if it would be enough to hold the liners attached to the shade, but let’s hope for the best. I promise I’ll let you know when it starts raining cupcake holders in my bedroom.


Your shade might get naughty and try to run away in the process. You going to have to keep it on the leash. There are different opportunities. For example you could hung it with a string or put it in a bowl, I just used four tea candle holders to keep the shade from moving.



Letting the glue dry for  little bit before I actually put the shade up. Here it is sitting on another paperlamp.

Simple DIY project, wonderful outcome, nice end to the week – going to have sweet sweet dreams today.

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