Muesli box file folders


My home gets messy very fast, I realized the problem to that is that I don’t have places figured out for all my things, so I made myself couple on file folders today. Before doing it I checked out how people have done it before me.
Piching Your Pennies blog does it with cereal box and with scrapbook paper, I used leftover wallpaper, cuz well, that’s all I had.

First folder I covered with 4 pieces, but it didn’t look that good, so for the second one I cut the paper out in one piece and well that was a good idea! :)




From here you can see the difference between two file folders. I don’t know, maybe i wasn’t just doing a good job on the first one.


Happy with the outcome. Yei!

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4 thoughts on “Muesli box file folders

  1. This is fantastic! What a great post. Can’t believe I bought magazine holders and have been flattening my cereal boxes and putting them into recycling. Let’s re-purpose them! And covering with leftover wallpaper is great. Thank you. So glad I to find your blog :)

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