Preili Sandra koordineerib sellest väikesest kontorist meenutusi ja mälestusi oma elu- ja heaolust. Tore on ju jälgida millised pisikesed ja natuke suuremad asjad emotsioone ja tundeid tekitavad. Ühtlasi on see üleskutse iseendale teha mitte millestki midagi imelist ja rohkem klõpsida. Nii lihtne see kõik ongi.

Long story short – this is the little office from where Miss Sandra is coortinating flashbacks and memories of her life and well-being. And at the same time it is a challange for herself to take more pictures of everything around and make something wonderful out of nothing. Simple as that.

    • Sandra said:

      Actually I haven’t done half of the things I have in mind, but I’ll get there :). Thank you!

      • Interesting, keep at the good work!

  1. Becky J. said:

    Thanks for the “like” love…I’m really digging your necklace art!

    • Sandra said:

      ;), Thank you!

  2. thank you for the like…i`m loving your jar projects (hoping to see more), happy DIY-ing :)

    • Sandra said:

      I’m glad to hear that! Thanks!

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